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Kid's Tab (Q-55) 20,000.00 18,000.00

This kids Android Educational Tablet is a perfect work tool for your child.
It comes with different apps which makes learning fun for your child.
From its different learning apps to many educative, competitive and adaptive games, like kids learn maths,
Kids learn English,
kids learn French,
kids phonetic,
kids word pronunciation,
Kids letter words,
animal world,
kids animal play,
kids 123 connects,
kids Bible stories,
talking tom and lots of over 30 exciting apps.
By letting your kids play educational games, they will be able to acquire new skills or improve those skills they already have.

This Android tab allows children to learn not only those listed above. But also master
– Colors
– Musical Notes
– Numbers Memory, with the memory cards
– The logic to solve puzzles
– The animals, their names and sounds and where they live
– Painting, to be creative, with a simple game suitable for children
– Distinguish shapes and colours.

When thinking of what to make your child busy or a way of unleashing the hidden potential in your child, our kiddies android tab is the best solution designed to aid the improvement of intelligence quotient in kids between 2-14 years through highly educational android tablet/gadgets.

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20,000.00 18,000.00

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